viernes, 30 de noviembre de 2012

The game

Hello I am Estafanía. Marina, Irene Alameda, Irene Amarilla, Alexandra and me we do a game of mathematic the game are swiming and addiction...,you are a person swiming and we put and addiction... , and you have to leg the person to the result that are in the water,when the addiction are false you have to do again ,are three levels, the first level are easy , the swiming pool are short  and are a addiction easy ,the second level are intermedium and the swimming pool are long and are a asubtracion and in the third level are the dificull, the swimming pool are longer and are a division.  The teacher say that we have to chosse 4 childrens of the school and the game that we do are of 8+age and we chosse my sister Vanesa ,the brother of Marina, one friend of the brother of Marina, and the brother of Alexandra.We have to do a letter to the teacher of the children that we chosse to leave them the Thursday to the class to see the game.
When are Thursday we take the children from his class, when saw the game they like it and we say that they play the game,with the children and then the children say his opinion: All the children like the game, but three person say that we have to change things of the game,  they want to put the result no in the water, por example: 34+12  and then the children put the result with the keyboar.

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